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By Neal Koblitz

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The aim of this ebook is to introduce the reader to mathematics themes, either old and sleek, which were on the middle of curiosity in purposes of quantity thought, really in cryptography. No history in algebra or quantity idea is thought, and the e-book starts with a dialogue of the elemental quantity idea that's wanted. The technique taken is algorithmic, emphasizing estimates of the potency of the concepts that come up from the idea. a different function is the inclusion of modern program of the idea of elliptic curves. large workouts and cautious solutions were incorporated in the entire chapters. simply because quantity conception and cryptography are fast-moving fields, this re-creation includes mammoth revisions and up-to-date references.

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We have a similar situation when our message units are digraph-vectors. We first consider linear maps. The difference when we work with (Z/NZ)2 rather than ZINZ is that now instead of an integer a we need a 2x 2-matrix, which we shall denote A. We start by giving a systematic explanation of the type of matrices we need. , a set with multiplication and addition satisfying the same rules as in a field, except that we do not require that any nonzero element have a multiplicative inverse. For example, ZINZ is always a ring, but it is not a field unless N is prime.

You intercept the messago "KVW? " (The blanks after ? and R are part of the niessagc, hut the final . =29. " Find the tiecipht~riilg~riatrixA arid the full plaintext message. (vr. r r ) = 1. Any A E A12(Z/NZ) Suppose tliat. N = 7 ~ n wllcre can be considered in M2(Z/nzZ) or A12(Z/nZ) hy simply rctlucing the entries rnod~~lo nz or n. ~. (a) Prove that the map that tnkrs A to t IIP pair (A. A) is a 1-to-1 corresporidcncc betwoe11 h12(Z/NZ) : u ~ tllir. scbtA12(Z/irrZ) x A12(Z/rlZ) of all pairs of matrices, one modulo rn m(1 m e mod1110n.

T~crblocks occur riiost often in a long string of ciphertext (of coursr, counting only those occurrences where the first letter begins a message uriit, ignoring the occurrences of the two letters which straddle two message ini its), and comparing with the known frequency of digraphs in English larig~iagctexts (writt-en in the same alphabet). For example, if we use the 26-letter alphabet, statistical analyses seem to show that "TH" and "HE" are the two most frequently occurring digraphs, in that order.

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