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In this case, the update to the new version should be as seamless as possible for the consumer. The length of this record will always be a multiple of 4 bytes. Thus, there may be unused bytes at the end of the record. 6 Subset-Difference Index Record Table 3-8 – Subset-Difference Index Record Format Bit Byte 0 1 2 3 4 … 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 … 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Record Type: 0716 Record Length Span (number of devices) Offset 0 Offset 1 Offsets 2 – Offset N Length-1 This is a speed-up record which can be ignored by devices not wishing to take advantage of it.

Bytes 4 through 19 return the 128-bit Binding Nonce value. 2. When the logical unit has not established a Bus Key for the authentication process, this command with Key Format = 1000012 shall be terminated with CHECK CONDITION Status, 5/6F/02 COPY PROTECTION KEY EXCHANGE FAILURE – KEY NOT ESTABLISHED. 3 READ DISC STRUCTURE Command Extensions Logical units that implement the AACS Feature support extensions to the READ DISC STRUCTURE command. The READ DISC STRUCTURE command, shown in Table 4-12, requests that the logical unit transfer data from areas on the specified media to the host.

4 Generating and Reporting Binding Nonce Table 4-10 shows the format of the data returned by the REPORT KEY command when Key Class of 0216 and Key Format of 1000002 are used. 1. The REPORT KEY Data Length field specifies the length in bytes of the following REPORT KEY data that is available to be transferred to the host. The REPORT KEY Data Length value does not include the REPORT KEY Data Length field itself. For the Key Format of 1000002, the value of this field is 002216. Bytes 4 through 19 return the 128-bit Binding Nonce value.

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