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By Zaid Chowdhury

ISBN-10: 1583219072

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ISBN-13: 9781613002025

This publication makes a speciality of the recommendations activated carbon filtering offers, together with the demanding situations dealing with water services to supply secure water. whereas demonstrating the worth of activated carbon in tough occasions, assurance contains utilities studies and purposes plus a number of layout and procurement ways. Appendices comprise case experiences and lifestyles cycle tests

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K. Edzwald, ed. New York: McGraw-Hill and American Water Works Association. C. S. Summers. 1988. Activated carbon for water treatment, 2nd ed. Karlsruhe, Germany: DVWG Forschungsstelle. 2 Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Adsorption Adsorption is used in water treatment to remove dissolved contaminants by physical phase separation in either a steady-state (PAC) or a nonsteady-state (GAC) process. Adsorbates accumulate on the surface of the adsorbent until the adsorption capacity is consumed. In the PAC process, the PAC is removed from the water treatment stream as a process solids residual.

With long Figure 1-9. Flow-through reactors: CFSTR for enough run times, the GAC PAC and PFR for GAC will come to equilibrium with the influent concentration, C0. The adsorbent in the CFSTR comes to equilibrium with the effluent concentration in Eq 1-4, whereas a PFR will come to equilibrium with the influent concentration. Example 1-2. Calculate the solid phase concentration, qeq, of atrazine in laboratory clean water at equilibrium in a PFR and a CFSTR. 291. The treatment objective or desired effluent concentration for atrazine is the maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 3 µg/L.

Three treatment technology scenarios were evaluated in the example: (1) GAC filter adsorbers, (2) GAC post-filter contactors, and (3) enhanced coagulation followed by disinfection using chloramines. In the appendix A example, no single scenario had significantly lower results across all LCA categories and sustainability measures analyzed, challenging the thought that GAC results in a significant environmental burden. Concerns With Activated Carbon Despite its merits, activated carbon has yet to be accepted as a “baseline” process in water treatment.

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