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By Michael Meyers

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Mike Meyers has performed it back. the number one, best-selling examine consultant for CompTIA's A+ Certification tests has been thoroughly revised and up-to-date for the recent 2001 assessments. Written by means of the industry's top authority on A+ Certification, this must-have reference deals whole insurance of all fabric on either the middle and working process applied sciences tests. Plus, the bonus CD-ROM includes 6 perform checks, enormous quantities of questions, and LearnKey(tm) movies. This complete advisor not just is helping you go the A+ certification tests, but in addition teaches you ways to be knowledgeable technician.

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Even as we march into the 21st century, manufacturers continue to make small amounts of 30pin SIMMs for system replacement, although the days of the 30-pin SIMM in a new PC have long since passed. Talking the Talk with 30-pin SIMMs If you want to purchase SIMMs for whatever reason, you must speak the language of DRAM. " Rather, use the numbers. If you say "x 3," "x 8," or "x 9," for example, every dealer knows you want 30pin SIMMs! Never ask for parity or non-parity. There are only three widths of DRAM in 30-pin SIMMs: "x 8," which is by definition non-parity; "x 9," which is by definition parity; and "x?

Note: A lower access-speed number means faster access. Every chipset was designed to send a data request to FPM DRAM and then wait a certain number of clock cycles for the answer. As a result, each motherboard required a certain speed of FPM DRAM, so it was crucial for you to be able to "eyeball" a DRAM chip to determine its access speed. Access speeds ranged from as slow as 200ns on ancient 8088s, up to 50ns for the last of the FPM DRAMs. Figure 03-34 shows some examples of chips and determines their access speeds.

The floppy drive cable is wider than the EIDE cable. c. The floppy drive cable has a twist in the wires near the end, whereas the EIDE cable runs straight. d. There is no difference! 10. Which of the following describes a two-wire jumper with a shunt covering the wires? a. Off b. Open c. Closed d. Parked Answers 1. a - The central processing unit handles all the mathematical calculations the make a personal computer function. 2. b - Mice use standard or dedicated serial ports. 3. a - Printers almost exclusively use parallel ports, although some USB printers have appeared on the scene.

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